Clinics We Offer

Practice Nurses

The Practice Nurses are qualified to carry out: - 

Health Promotion (e.g. Dietary advice), Chronic Disease Management, Cardiac Disease Prevention, ECGs, Diabetic screening, Asthma checks, Blood Pressure checks, venepuncture, Immunization for children, adults and travellers, Cervical smears, Minor surgery, Breast examination advice, Dressings,  removal of sutures, ear syringing, contraception, over 75’s health checks, specialist drug monitoring e.g. Warfarin, Methotrexate, etc. 

Please book appointments at the reception desk or by telephone if necessary.

Children’s Clinic – Health Visitor led at various locations

The Health Visitors run a child health and baby clinic at various clinics locally depending on your address. For clinic times and availability, please contact the Healthy Family Team: 0115 8835500 

Children’s immunizations are given at Giltbrook surgery by our Practice Nurse 

Click here for full information about the children’s immunisation schedule.

Ante Natal & Post Natal Clinics – Midwife with the Doctors

Ante natal clinics are held at a local practice, booked by your midwife. The practice has a midwife attached who practices from our surgery

Post natal appointments are held at the practice by the doctors. This appointment should usually take place 6-8 weeks after the birth of a baby, and checks both mother and baby. It is important your baby attends their Post Natal check in the time-frame suggested.  

Family Planning

Doctors provide a range of contraceptive care and advice. 

Pre-pregnancy advice, including infertile couple counselling is available. 

Please discuss with the Doctor or Practice Nurse.

Minor Surgery

Doctor performs minor surgical operations within the surgery premises.  This means that you may not need to go to hospital for small operations e.g. injection of piles, removal of cysts and warts and joint injections. 

Discuss with Doctor for further details.