Those with possible COVID-19 who are well enough to stay at home are asked to self-solate for SEVEN (7) days. 111 does NOT need to be informed if you are well.  After 7 days, if well you can return to normal activities. After coronavirus, people are likely to continue to cough for some weeks: you can return to normal even if you are still coughing.

Everyone in the household of the index case needs to isolate for FOURTEEN days ( to stop the spread to the community). (Index case = first person to get sick in the household)

If during the 14day, a household member develops symptoms, they can return to normal activities SEVEN days after the first day of their symptoms (provided when they are well) (even if they are still within the fourteen days ( they are no longer a risk to the community as they have had it and got better)

How to protect yourself from Novel Coronavirus